We are working on Hiroaki KOIDE’s archive footage!

We will post Hiroaki KOIDE’s archive footage on his stay in NYC, as soon as possible.

3 responses

  1. Great, this conference, Professor Koide, is very important for too many people, who like I were too far away to be able to attend, I residing in France. It is very important indeed that the transcripts or a made video of the conference be released to the public.
    We thank you in advance.
    Best regards,
    Hervé Courtois

    • Thank you for the comment from France. We are very happy to have you, we can share our concern in Europe as well as USA and Japan! We will post the archive footage, English transcription, as soon as possible. It is done by our affiliate volunteers upon our grassroots spirit. Please spread them as much as you can in France once it’s available. All the best, CFF program director, Kosaku Horiwaki

  2. Thank you for the live broadcast of this conference via UStream yesterday. I was too far away to attend as well. We all have a responsibility to spread this truth to governments and resist nuclear power. From today onwards, Japan will be nuclear-free for the summer. We must not allow this decision to be undone. We will fight alongside you and justice shall prevail! We are with you Japan! You will never stand alone! You will never be forgotten! To all the children, I wish you Happy Children’s Day.

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