Coming Soon Online Petition to Stop Kitakyushu Radioactive Rubble Incineration

Cinema Forum Fukushima is now working on an online petition to stop further Radioactive Rubble Relocation & Incineration in the City of Kitakyushu.  Our goal is to present the petition to the City’s next town hall meeting in June 6th 2012.  It is only about 10 days left.  CFF hopes that many voices outside of Japan can resonate as a solidarity with the local concerned residents who are opposing further contamination at their front line.

The South of Island of Japan, Kyushu and Okinawa need to be radioactive free land for the people of Japan.  As Dr. Christopher Busby mentioned in the video on May 24th post of CFF, Chris Busby’s claim that the Japanese gov’t was actually in effect, diluting their responsibility to the citizenry by moving the debris all over and burning it. By doing this they are eliminating any control group for the next 10 years at least of a concentration of cancers, heart disease,mutations and other debilitating, life threatening diseases.

Arnie Gundersen & Dr. Christopher Busby talk about Radioactive Rubble Relocation & Incineration

Arnie Gundersen talks about Radioactive Rubble Relocation & Incineration in Tokyo, recorded on Dec. 29th 2011

Transporting Radioactive Rubble from Ishinomaki City to Kitakyushu on May 19th 2012. The Photo Courtesy by Kyodo Tsushin

A City worker measuring Cecium at the Hiagari Incinerator Plant on May 23rd 2012.  The measurement has not been announced.

The photo courtesy by Kyodo Tsushin 

**Please send your voice to the mayor of Kitakyushu, Kenji KITAHASHI , at the Mayor office phone number +81-93-582-2127, or +81-93-582-2411.  Leave your comment to the Kitakyushu Mayor’s office website, and see English translated instruction. To fax the mayor  at +81-93‐562-0701 via internet free fax services!

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