Kitakyushu City Proceeds Burning Radioactive Disaster Debris

The Mayor of Kitakyushu city, Kenji KITAHASHI announced today at the city council that the city will proceed burning radioactive disaster debris from August 2012 through March 2014. It is expected that 130 ~ 140 tons of the debris are burned each day, in total of 60,000 ~70,000 tons through March 2014. The debris in Ishinomaki-shi Miyagi prefecture in Northern Japan “Tohoku,” will be transported to Kitakyushu City in the south island of Japan, “Kyushu” by a carrying vessel. There are three incinerator plants, and will be buried in Wakamatsu Ward landfill in Kitakyushu City. This action will be the very first one in the entire Western part of Japan where the regions are relatively unaffected by Fukushima Dai-ichi Nuclear accident.  Please sign the petition below to stop burning radioactive disaster debris.

* Landfill in Wakamatsu ward.

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