Follow up on Fukushima Crisis: Post 3.11 Issues

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The Coalition of NGOs presents, in association with the Fukushima Action Project“Follow up on Fukushima Crisis”

January 29th, 2014, at United Nation Chapel in New York City

“Before We Listen to Yaichan’s Story: Post 3.11 Issues”

50 min 21 sec, HD, in English

Presenter: Rachel Clark, Peace Boat US

“Fukushima Nuclear Crisis & Anti-Nuclear Activities”

51 min 53 sec, HD, in Japanese with English Interpretation

Presenter: Yayoi Hitomi, Fukushima Action Project

Interpreter: Rachel Clark, Peace Boat US

About the Presenters:

Rachel Clark:

Originally from Japan, Rachel Clark holds a degree in International Studies from Ramapo College of New Jersey. In 2010, she was chosen to be an interpreter for 150 Hibakusha delegates to the UN NPT Conference, a turning point in her career after which she became devoted to a nuclear-free world and sustainable development. In the year 2012, Rachel joined Peace Boat US as a volunteer staff member as she continued to be involved in various anti-nuclear weapons/energy activities. The Fukushima Nuclear Disaster further deepened her commitment to nuclear non-proliferation as she became involved in post Fukushima radiation issues. As an independent interpreter, her language capacity has been utilized in various nuclear related events. For example she supported Dr. Sakiyama at Dr. Helen Caldicott’s Symposium this past March, and former Prime Minister of Japan, Naoto Kan at the Coalition Against Nuke’s Symposium this October. As a Communication Coordinator on the 79th Voyage of Peace Boat, she interpreted at the Onboard conference for a nuclear power free world and translated its final resolution.

Currently Rachel resides in New Jersey, as she balances her job as an interpreter,  global coordinator, and a volunteer staff member of  Peace Boat US New York office.

Yayoi Hitomi:

Ms. Hitomi is a resident of Fukushima and a secretariat member of the Fukushima Action Project, as well as a member of the Fukushima Network to Save Children.  She is also a writer for the Fukushima local newspaper, and web master of “Women in Fukushima Against Nuclear Power.”

About the Sponsors:

Peace Boat US:

Peace Boat US works to build a culture of peace around the world by connecting people across borders and creating opportunities for learning, activism and cooperation. We achieve this through programs in which people from the US and around the world participate in voyages onboard the Peace Boat, our Japan-based partner organization and one of the most unique and creative peace-building initiatives in the world. Programs combine learning, activism, advocacy and travel, allowing participants to experience the reality of global issues such as the impact of war, environmental degradation, gender violence, poverty and other issues. Participants learn through immersion in grassroots peace-building that is the Peace Boat experience.

Coalition of NGOs:

Peace Boat US, United Methodist Women, NGO Committee on Sustainable Development, NGO Committee on Human Rights, NGO Committee on Disarmament Peace and Security, Global Family, International Council of Women, United Religions Initiative, Unitarian Universalist United Nations Office

The Fukushima Action Project:

The Fukushima Action Project was established following the announcement that the IAEA’s (International Atomic Energy Agency) announcement that it would establish a research centre in Fukushima Prefecture in 2013 focused on decontamination and health management. It also held a Ministerial Meeting on Nuclear Safety at Big Palette in Koriyama City, Fukushima Prefecture on December 15-17, 2012. The Fukushima Action Project aims to raise awareness about these issues, and to provide opportunities for local citizens to learn about what the IAEA is, how it functions as an institution and what purpose the information and research collected at the IAEA serves.

The Fukushima Action Project aims to enable those affected by the TEPCO Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant disaster to monitor the IAEA plans in Fukushima, and ensure that their demands are delivered and that the IAEA research activities are conducted to be for the benefit of the people. Conveying the fundamental proactive message of the local citizens to protect their own and their children’s health, lives and futures, it also plans to lobby the IAEA, Japanese Government and Fukushima Prefecture to conduct their utmost efforts to truly put an end the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant disaster, and prevent “another Fukushima” from ever being repeated.

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Videotaped & Edited by East River Films Inc

2014 All Rights Reserved

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