Upcoming CFF Live-Streaming Events from NYC

* Click the photo below to Live-Streaming site (Ustream.tv).  Join the live & comment your opinion through social stream Twitter.

* Click the photo below to watch the past Hibakusha Stories’ program.


* May 1st Live-Streaming is cancelled due to technical issue at the site.  But we will post the video later in our video archive.

More than 69 years have passed since President Harry S. Truman authorized the use of the atomic bomb against Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Two survivors, Ms. Reiko Yamada, survivor of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima, and Mr. Michio Hakariya, survivor of the 1945 atomic bombing of Nagasaki, share their reflections, remembrances and personal testimonies with Truman’s grandson, Mr. Clifton Truman Daniel. Mr. Daniel will recount his own journey toward understanding this event, including encounters with survivors during recent trips to Hiroshima and Nagasaki.  Invited high school groups will be at Japan Society to hear these eyewitness accounts and reflect on the events that shape their own personal narratives. Mr. Tomihisa Taue, Mayor of Nagasaki, and Mr. Kazumi Matsui, Mayor of Hiroshima will be among the guests.HibakushaStories.002

* Past Hibakusha Stories program on Cinema Forum Fukushima.

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