About Originator

Kosaku Horiwaki: Originator of Cinema Forum Fukushima & producer/filmmaker of East River Films Inc.

Born in Kagoshima prefecture of Japan in 1969, Kosaku Horiwaki was educated in both America and Japan. He received his Bachelor of Fine Arts at New York University of Tisch School of the Arts’ Film & Television Department. His filmography is listed on iMDb.

He is currently producing a narrative feature film “The Great Death of Nothingness” written and directed by Wallace F. Coyote, as a crystallized body of work of past Cinema Forum Fukushima project.




〜東日本大震災、吉本隆明講演:『ヨブ記』をめぐって、映画『ツリー・オブ・ライフ』を通して思うこと〜 堀脇幸作