About CFF



Cinema Forum Fukushima (CFF) is a non-profit study forum and public screening, it is also a fiscal sponsored project by Fractured Atlas, a NPO which supports artists, arts organizations and their projects.

CFF videotapes, translates, adds Japanese subtitle, and archives the seminar, interview and events on Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant accident issue and A-Bomb survivors’ testimony in NYC. CFF archives these video footage and information for whoever needs for free.
Since February 2012, CFF has videotaped more than 110 videos and archived them on CFF website, Vimeo and YouTube.  The seminars and interviews CFF videotapes are in association with Physicians for Social Responsibility, the Helen Caldicott Foundation, Human Rights Now, Peace Boat USHibakusha Stories, Japan Society, Todos Somos JaponToday Is The Day Foundation and more.

CFF currently needs additional funding for translation and subtitling these important videos in Japanese for children & mother in Fukushima who seeks the information, which gives them outside perspective. Please support and donate to Cinema Forum Fukushima’s ongoing activity. You can donate securely through Fractured Atlas 501(c)(3) public charity organization site.  2012 – 2013 Financial Report is available.

Program Director

Kosaku Horiwaki


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