Looking for collaborators on a film project


An independent short film project “SONG OF GHOST: THE GREAT DEATH OF NOTHINGNESS” looks for two actors who are Japanese heritage college students, and collaborators as staff and sponsor.

The short film is one scene of an upcoming independent feature film, as well as a pilot film for its fundraising drive.

Synopsis: Two young men encounter at a TV program assignment near a remote town of space rocket launch facility. Their beer talk at an off-season camp site echoes their own past sentimental pessimism (weltschmerz): dysfunctional family, cup ramen society, scent of foreign people, sacrificial substitutes, recalcitrants, seers, and catastrophe. They have been rerouted by the historical catastrophic event in far East took place a quarter century ago.

Character A (Seiichiro) was raised at the hippie village oversea. The other character B (Kenta) was raised in the vicinity of the catastrophic event.

The world has been contaminated by bio-chemical substances called CEL, where genetic disorders are wide spread by irreparably polluted soil, water and air. The story takes us how to transform traumatic life experiences, as well as transcending our own substitute selves in near future with corroded development.

You are right. In some extent, I am obsessed with my alternative reality. I cling to compulsive overeating of cup ramen. It’s an illusion of chasing an authentic ramen you’ve never gained. I’m aware that the consequence is sheer hedonist. As I engage in my profession, I participate in my own part of the yield as well as the consumption as if devoting myself to promote this vulgar commercialism of cup ramen. In this mindset, you get blindfolded to choose quick and cheap over a good choice. The excessive instant gratification takes me to renounce myself only with reluctance. It shackles me on a state of stunted conformity. How to emancipate a thrall? That’s the riddle.

If you are interested in the project as an actor, please send us your head shot and cover letter. If you are interested in participating as a staff, please send your resume and cover letter.

If you are interested in participating as a sponsor, please donate the film through the donation link via Fractured Atlas Fiscal SponsorshipFractured Atlas is a 501(c)(3) public charity. Contributions for the purposes of Cinema Forum Fukushima are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law.

CHARACTER A (Seiichiro) & CHARACTER B (Kenta): 

Male, 21 years old. Both needs to speak fluent English and some Japanese.

Production Summery: 


Production Company: East River Films Inc

Producer: Kosaku Horiwaki

Director & Writer: Wallace F. Coyote

You may treat me as an amateur as I’m saying this. Frankly speaking, this is not a stereotypical commercial feature film project to aim only making an unreasonable profit for financiers, and alluringly exploit and treat viewers as an obtuse flock, rather it is something prognosticative realization we take a part together as a cinematic journey and a rite of our time to witness a way to transform ourselves into our unforeseen selves. I consider the feat of visualization as an autonomous and responsible yield for all of us. You will never get bored again to see a life of your own after experiencing the film.

All the best,

Wallace F. Coyote (writer & director)