Song of Ghost: the Great Death of Nothingness


Let me begin laying one word at a time to talk about an ongoing film project. It started in 2011 without any plans, premise, and resource. There only was precarious fervor. I could not grasp what it was. It was like receiving an obscure signal from a bottom of dark well. When you look into darkness trying to name an obscure thing, what do you do? It has no shape, no odor, no sound, it only transmits some kind of vibration in your heart. I chose to rely on my awareness, which tells me that there is something in front of me. The frontier stood there like a Moon before Neil Alden Armstrong who landed there as a first moon walker. Nobody had ever translated a sense of being on the moon into words before him.

In history, philosopher, sage, and roshi have given new names and words to an obscure thing in the frontier, so that people after them can point its representation. I learned new word “Weltschmerz” yesterday. It is a German word, which means “sorrow that one feels and accepts as one’s necessary portion in life; sentimental pessimism.” I didn’t know the term before, and I don’t think there is such word in English or my native tongue to point the representation. I know the concept, then I wasn’t able to point the notion using a particular word. Like a word as a pointer in this context, there exists plenty of uncoded notion around us. 

I throw a word after a word, and then replace one word with another, in order to shape an idea. It has been like this operation. I hope someday others can point what I am trying to represent. From a frontier or the bottom of dark well, I have accumulated certain amount of signals and some progress. The obscure thing has been transformed into a shape of a character called Seiichiro, he’s been walking around and sometimes emits a series of words, I carefully translate his action and transport his words into a computer on my desk.

The elder in my village taught me once,
it’s called the great death of nothingness.

It’s the story of a young man whose mother was an evacuee from an unprecedented catastrophe. She made a decision to relocate herself and unborn baby as a refugee who lost home and family. What shapes an unborn baby to be a man in this caliber? It’s a story of an immigrant in aberrant shoes, who lives in near future with corroded development. The protagonist’s frontier has not been fully deciphered yet into words and names by me, his psych, plague, calamity, retribution, faith, compassion and reconciliation will be unfolded and then translated into a visual embodiment cinematograph.

The path goes on, and I better not to get lost middle of nowhere in the frontier.

Wallace (director/writer)