#3 Containment Vessel


Second scoping (July 21st) of inside #3 nuclear containment vessel was released by Tepco today. It was captured by the under water rover. I sometimes compare the rover with Mars’ rover “Curiosity” speculating condition on Mars such as radiation level there.

Some of the images indicate the possible debris of melted nuclear fuel rods. Unlike the first scoping of July 19, this time video footage wasn’t provided to public, as well as the reading of radiation level inside #3 containment vessel (***Feb 2017 rover in #2 vessel did disclose the reading / see below, I don’t know why Tepco did not disclose this time).

Nuclear Regulatory Commission (US) says every 100 days, air of a normal containment vessel (not damaged vessels like Fukushima Daiichi) gets fully re-circulated with outside air, which means inside air will leak completely in 100 days. Reminder: a normal containment vessel won’t leak water, but Fukushima Daiichi vessels are damaged, so that the cooling water in the damaged vessels have been drained to ocean since 2011.

Most people may consider the debris as some kind of typical industrial waste. If I translate the debris correctly, they are the most calamitous substance which our science & technolgy have ever created on this planet, it is the densely packed (melted) radioactive monster (Unfortunately the word “Godzilla” got neutralized long ago, she was once considered as a metaphor of a catastrophic radioactive monster). No human can get closer to the debris, he/she will die within a few minutes (the radiation particle cuts our genes pieces). And it’s there in the crippled facility not far from Tokyo where 20 million resides, and human hasn’t yet got a concrete and advanced technology how to safely dismantle, transport and stockpile the debris, while the gvmt downplays the risk of running other NPPs relying on the demonic energy source.

Some may remember the February 2017 reading of the #2 vessel. It was 530 Sv/hour and later recorded 670 Sv/hour, it was previously stated 73 Sv/hour in 2012 (it was the highest reading record then). I’m sure that there is a clear reason for Tepco/Gvmt not to disclose the reading of #3 containment vessel to public. A human will be killed in several seconds under this level of radiation. For a reference, usual outside NYC is 0.09 micro Sv/hour, and an astronaut inside the international space station receives around 1 milli Sv/day (1000 micro Sv) from Sun. The 530 Sv is 530,000,000 micro Sv. 

What is the rendition of this portent? I’m sometime amazed by an optimistic nature of people who tends to see only what they want to see an event like 2020 Tokyo Olympic compared to this calamity. It reminds me of revelation of the lost Ark in 1981 Steven Spielberg’s movie “Raiders of the Lost Ark.” Sadly we have not found Indiana Jones yet.

The photo released in July 21st.



The photo released in July 22nd.