Human Rights Now, Physicians for Social Responsibility, & Peace Boat US Present

Human Rights Now, Physicians for Social Responsibility, & Peace Boat US present:

“Experts call for immediate action to protect the right to health of women, children and others affected by the nuclear accident in Fukushima.”

March 13, Wednesday, 10:30AM to Noon, at the UN Church Center, NYC

“6 Voices from Fukushima Women & Children”
HD, 9 min 15 sec, in English

Emilie McGlone
Peace Boat US

“Q & A and Voices from other participants”
HD, 17 min 14 sec, in English

“Opening Remark”
HD, 2 min 55 sec, in English

Mari INOUE, Esq.
Moderator, Human Rights Now

“We need to Protect Women’s and Children’s Health in Fukushima”
HD, 20 min 26 sec, in English

Hiroko GOTO,
Vice President of Human Rights Now

“What became clear in the Diet Fukushima Investigation Committee”
HD, 16 min 25 sec, in English

Member of Fukushima Nuclear Accident Independent Commission Risk Assessment of Low Dose Radiation in Japan
Former Senior Researcher in National Institute Radiological Science

“2nd Anniversary: Fukushima’s Forever Disaster Women’s Unique Challenge”
HD, 20 min 51 sec, in English

Maureen McCue, M.D.
Physicians for Social Responsibility
Former Director of the University of Iowa Global Health Studies Program

Jeff Patterson, D.O.
HD, 8 min 19 sec, in English

Jeff Patterson, D.O.
Physicians for Social Responsibility

WHAT: Since the March 2011 nuclear disaster in Fukushima, individuals and communities in Japan continue to be exposed to dangerous levels of radioactivity. There are serious concerns about consequent health effects for pregnant women, mothers, children and others in contaminated areas. Residents have a right to live in a safe and healthy environment, however, sufficient protective measures and support are not being provided. The right to access medical treatment and the medical data about one’s own body are being seriously denied.

A human rights expert from Japan, a medical doctor from Japan, and a medical doctor from the U.S. will speak about how the lives and health of local women, children and others in the Fukushima area are being affected after the disaster and what should be done to provide immediate relief. The actions called for in the December 15, 2012 Human Rights Now “Civil Society Statement” to immediately implement the recent recommendations by the UN Special Rapporteur on the right to health will be highlighted.